Monday, July 13, 2009

It is as I had feared

Gundersson sent me this blog post link, which essentially confirmed my previously held worst fears.

World of Warcraft is now officially being run by a skeleton crew, and there is no single major hand at the helm.

My account is currently suspended; I had it set to automatic payment, but there was no money in the account last time Blizzard tried to charge the card. I also don't actually have a computer capable of running WoW at my current place of residence; my WoW machine is at my mother's.

I am missing playing the game at the moment, I will admit; but I am realising more and more that the only thing it is going to consist of, is me playing pre-cap. Warsong Gulch to an extent, and those instances which I can find groups for.

Even more than the game itself, I'm truthfully missing it primarily because this character, as I have mentioned, became an alterego for two years, and it is that which I am missing more.

Still, I'm wondering how much of a possible future the game can have at this point. The current live team are inept, and have no clue about the (previous, anyway) overall vision for the game. It seems to me that the best I can hope for is to periodically be able to continue to enjoy what content already exists; there doesn't seem to be much hope for anything positive in the future, now.

I am going to be getting a WoW-capable machine here at some point soon; and when I do, I will re-activate my account. However, it will only be for the sake of periodic PvP and the crawling of old dungeons; not for potential new content.

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