Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spear dropped

On going into the Shadow Labyrinth earlier tonight, I remembered something I'd seen a wise Hunter on the forum write to someone lamenting that they'd farmed Kara for weeks, and still hadn't seen Legacy.

"Stop wanting it. In your own mind, let it go. The moment you truly do that, it will drop for you."

I'd already determined that I genuinely didn't care about the Spear; I've got Terokk's Quill, which has more base Ag even after the enchant.

So I went in there thinking I'd just have fun; which I did. Our tank was fast and very impatient, but fortunately he was also well geared. I'd put together the group and had been able to get two healers, which I always like. One of the healers went down once, and I ended up dying on Murmur because I pulled aggro, but it was fun.

Looks like that philosophy worked, too. The Spear dropped.

However, that itself was not the best thing that happened during this run.

It's funny how it works, you know. There are some instance runs I've been on where I was totally off my game; I've caused wipes, button mashed, and tripped over my own feet. Others, I'm in bullet time, like Neo. Things move in slow motion, I'm operating purely on instinct, and action and reaction merge seamlessly and effortlessly together almost before I've had time to think.

This screenshot was taken immediately after I was resurrected due to dying on Murmur. In case you can't make it out, Session average was 416 DPS; highest sustained burst was 851 DPS, which I got before Murmur, and on Murmur himself I got 849.

To put this into context, I've read BM Hunters on the forum mention getting 1,000 DPS on Gruul. That means at my peak, in 5 mans, I'm 150 away from that. I have a feeling raiding is going to be interesting.

This was also almost entirely unbuffed; the Shaman had Grace of Air up now and then, and I got the zone PvP buff near the end. But no pots, no food, no scroll.

Just a game, they say? Like Hell.

The euphoria's real.

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