Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back on the gear trail

I've actually realised recently why I haven't been able to focus exclusively on going for a flying mount. It's because I don't actually want to go to Kara or further until I've basically got the absolute best gear I can get outside of that first, so that I'm entirely ready.

I just took another step towards that last night by successfully getting an enchant for my Terokk's Quill, so that it is now imbued with 35 agility, as well as the initial power of ten rabid bird freaks. ;-)

As far as your 2h goes, while it's true that the Sonic Spear is undoubtedly the better weapon, (especially given the +hit) potentially spending months waiting on the caprice of Murmur isn't something I have time for. If you're lucky to see it drop, I congratulate you...but I haven't already, which means I'm likely going to have to make do.

Although mind you, I don't feel as though I'm doing too badly anywayz. With the enchant, I've got close to 50 more Ag from the Quill than I do the Spear, which goes close to making up for the Spear's better AP as well. About the only area then where the Spear is hugely better is in terms of the +hit.

I also recently acquired a pair of these marvellous things, and although even when gemmed they weren't actually all that much higher in terms of base Ag than the green hands I'd had previously, the purple colour of the text means I'm a lot less likely to be derided as a newb and unceremoniously booted out of a pug than I would be otherwise. ;-)

I ran SV for probably six weeks waiting for the Beast Lord Mantle to drop. It did once, and on that one occasion, the other Hunter in the group won the Need roll, so I'm not waiting for that any more. I also spent a while agonising over an inability to get Heroic UB groups, (and then getting splattered all over the walls and summarily booted out of the one pug for it that I could get) for the Barbaric Legstraps, so I've also given up there as well.

So...I'm tired of running scrub pugs with astronomical drop rates, (where sometimes, as in Heroic UB, I myself am the scrub ;)) and don't really like the Arena. What to do?

The good news is that I can apparently farm my way into some pretty sweet gear, from what I've been learning. BRK's pre-Kara guide has given me some pointers, and scouring Wowhead has filled in the blanks.

For a chest, although I've been considering keeping my current Felstalker Breastplate with 3 Delicate Living Rubies, I've also had my eye on an Ebon Netherscale Breastplate when they've shown up on the AH periodically.

Trackhoof: I know there's no base Ag on it, but my problem is I've become a bit lopsided in favour of ag, and if I put Delicate Living Rubies in all 3 slots I'd still get 24 Ag, while rounding out some of my other stats that have been more neglected as well. I most likely won't do it, however...because not only does it lack base Ag, I know on equipping it I'd hear the sound of some poor, neglected Shaman crying far in the distance, and I don't really want to give them any more reason to cry than the ones on the forum anyway think they already have. ;-)

For my head, I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with the Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight with 3 Delicate Living Rubies, although I might throw in a Shifting Nightseye or two instead, since my Stam seriously needs some love currently.

As a neck, I love my Necklace of the Deep still with whichever gems, but some apparently prefer the Choker of Vile Intent, which considering that my hit is a bit low, I should probably think about as well...although that is a big loss to Ag if I do.

For bracers, I haven't yet seen better around than the Lykul Bloodbands, which drop from Hungarfen in the Normal Mode Underbog. The Felstalker Bracers have Int, and marginally more AP, but I'm Stam starved as it is, currently...and have never really cared about Int all that much. Fel Mana pots, ToTH, and Resourcefulness FTW! ;-)

For pants I'm going for either Scales of the Beast with Nethercleft Leg Armor, or Scale Leggings of the Skirmisher, (which is possibly the only bop instance drop I mention, although with a rate of 18% it's bearable, especially if you're also wanting Thrallmar rep for the bow) also with Nethercleft Leg Armor, a Delicate Living Ruby, a Shifting Nightseye, and a Rigid Dawnstone. I'll probably end up going for the latter pants because even though they have lower base stats, I really need the sockets.

For a belt, it's looking like the Belt of Deep Shadow
FTW. Leather, yes, but I'm a certified socket junky; I just love either the ag gems or the flexibility. For these sockets I'm not sure...I'm leaning in the direction of a Delicate Living Ruby and a Rigid Dawnstone; my hit still needs some love yet, but I've got to try and space things around a bit. Seeing as I'm already happy with my ag atm though I might well go for a Shifting Nightseye for the added Stam.

For feet, the Boots of the Crimson Hawk are the best I've seen Wowhead mention pre-Kara. However in getting the mats for these, do NOT, I repeat NOT, farm your own air primals.

SMV is a horrible place; the kind of Gothic, hellish nightmare which back in my drinking days I actually would have liked, because it would have fit my mood. Now that I'm happier however, I like to avoid such environments.

I went there to get air primals for both my current neck and chest, and dodging the gold farmers and Alliance griefers is stressful; not to mention that the monotony is literally physically painful.

I don't care how much you get charged for air primals on your server; cough up with a smile. Believe me when I say it's worth it. You're ensuring that you don't have to endure that pain and suffering yourself, and you're also rewarding whichever poor bastard that sells them to you for the fact that he does. ;-)

For my shoulders; we get to the crown jewel, if I can get it. The Shoulders of Lightning Reflexes. Go and drool over the WoWHead screenshot of these things.

The down side is that one of the mats is a Black Temple drop, so whoever sells it can basically name their price. Additionally I'd have to grind up leatherworking, and I don't have that we'll see. I'd like them, though.

One other thing I'm doing at the moment is my enchants. The main benefit of these I think is that they free up some socket space; I don't mind swapping out some ag gems for +hit and +stam, because I need it, but the good thing about the enchants is that I can do that and still stay at 700 ag, which is my goal for the moment. Google for the phrases Greater or Superior Agility, for the most part. AFAIK, hands, boots, and cloak are the other items that can be ag enchanted as well.

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