Saturday, February 2, 2008

Farming the Scholomance, Part 2

In one of the comments for my solo Scholo post, Pike said that she felt that soloing Scholo in its' entirety would be too big a project for her. (and presumably many other people)

However, the good news is that you don't need to do the whole thing in order to make some serious cash.

About a year ago now, when first I started playing around with the Auction House, I found out about these wonderful little gems. They're called Dark Runes, and Warlocks can use them to trade life for mana. Here's the interesting part, however; their index price on the AH is 15g, (just under the price of a water primal) and that can go close to 25g, depending on what the market is doing on a given day. I find they sell faster than I can replace them, seems our Warlock brethren love them.

Also, although it's true that the drop rate of them with two of Scholo's bosses is just under 50%, the Necromancers and Dark Summoners in the outer rooms still have droprates for them of 12% and 15%. A full clear of the two rooms where I've found those mobs so far will usually get me three of them, which means a cool 45g all up, plus probably another 10-15g in shrapnel, trash, and greens. That by far is the best money I've found in Azeroth myself so far; previously I had thought only Outland could offer farming that good.

So for those of you who like me, have hit 70 but aren't in raid gear just yet, even if the bosses in Scholo might be a bit much for you solo, you'll still find that you can solo the trash up to Rattlegore with some careful pulling, and make yourself some very nice money.

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