Monday, February 18, 2008

A respec to die for

So with my Agility at 722 now, I was burning up inside with curiousity to see how high my Expose Weakness would be, and also what the experience would actually be like in-game.

After respecialising, I had the most amazing Scholomance run I think I've ever experienced. Expose Weakness grants me and the pet 180 AP, which is 55 more than TSA, and I also put points in IHM rather than Efficiency. My boar was going crazy, and I was killing mobs faster than I ever have (in that instance anyway) before.

Paperdoll DPS is at 240, meter around 420; so it's still probably abysmal by a lot of people's standards, but for me the play experience has been unbelievable compared to what I'm used to. I don't tend to rely on paperdoll numbers for my actual damage; given the amount I rely on traps and Serpent Sting, my metered damage is always going to be different, especially considering that the meter averages what I get from crits.

My burst was a lot more unstable during the four day BM respec, with the result that my metered damage was a lot more spikey; I could go up to over 600 dps on Scholo's elites very temporarily, but would often go back down to 3-400. I like the fact that given that my crit rate is higher now, my damage is a lot smoother and more even.

Speaking of crit...I'm at 26.15% now. So I'm doing 1200 damage before EW once every four hits, and probably 1400-1600 after EW, depending on what shot I'm using.

Given that I'm using both ToTH and Resourcefulness, it would probably be considered an unusual build, but I trap so much when soloing that I need the mana boost for it. ToTH is awesome when shooting as well, even though after my DoTs I'm still only normally using Steady to keep my overall threat down.

I'll also probably end up making around 80-90g from that run as I'm very happy. :)

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