Saturday, February 9, 2008

New addition to my blogroll:- Witch Doctor.

I first found out about this one through the venerable BRK. There is an enormous degree of humour present in this blogger's writing. I've found myself laughing hard while reading her posts on occasion.

I may not have actually said this before, but if I was ever going to get an alt to 70 that I was going to actually play, (and not merely for farming to support this character) it would almost certainly be a Shaman. The class may have its' issues, and it certainly is not the equal of its' rival, the Paladin, in terms of survivability, but from everything I have seen, the hybrid gameplay initially promised by the class does survive intact. I have an offline friend who has a fair degree of ability with the class; he has offered me evidence to suggest that although they may be a highly challenging class to play well, like the Hunter, the sight of a Shaman in action who is truly intimate with the class is nothing short of magnificent.

I will admit that the hybrid nature was one of the other elements which initially motivated me to roll a Hunter; I was dissatisfied that there was no melee viability present whatsoever with my Mage. I require ability in both melee and range to avoid boredom, aside from anything else. The Shaman may have less viability at range, but I will admit that since the release of the expansion, my focus in this game has been almost entirely on PvE anyway, as I have generally been unhappy with the nature of the PvP related changes that have occurred since that time; particularly those at the level cap.

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