Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feeling conflicted

So like I said last post, I reinstalled WoW, ostensibly only to play it with a cousin while he was staying here. He's still staying with us, but he went somewhere else for the last 24 hours, and so I'm on the computer alone at the moment.

I confess something; I feel like playing WoW right now. I've bought a new web domain, and was in the process of setting it up yesterday, and that combined with the heat has left me feeling a little brain fried at the moment. So I feel like vegetating; doing something anti-intellectual. Shutting off my brain while my fingers move, for an hour or so.

I'm honestly trying to figure out whether it is really wrong for me to want to play the game every so often. I think the main issue is that, even at level one, the cap and the concept of endgame, and guilding, and all those things that I really don't want to do, but which I feel that Blizzard really DO want me to do, are always there, looming in the background, like the proverbial bogeyman in the closet.

I think if I just log in, get a level of XP, or a couple of LFD instances (say 30-60 mins worth) every now and then, that that is not so bad. I'm going to still focus firmly on the alt game, but there's plenty of room for me to do so before I run out of content; the Alliance zones are still largely unexplored for me, for the most part.

I've rolled an Orc Shaman. His name is Kragar. I'm finding Enhancement with a large 2h axe to be a lot of fun. The class's survivability is also amazing; I've died twice on the way to level 10, less than I ever have with any class before, including the Paladin.

I've also realised that even if I do keep playing, I'm going to leave Mirsh deleted. I might even, eventually, roll another Hunter, (although that is looking doubtful at this point; I've seriously burned myself out with that class, at least for a while) but I'm going to leave Mirsh deleted. I think even more than anything else, even if I was going to keep playing the game, I needed a fresh start. There comes a point with a character where there's too much baggage, and too much weight, and I needed to just throw it all away, wipe it all away, and start fresh.

Anywayz, back into the game for an hour or so. ;)

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