Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some bad news

The external video card for this computer apparently died the day before yesterday. I'm currently using the motherboard's on-board graphics card, an ATI card of indeterminate model. I attempted to log into WoW yesterday, and average between 9-20 FPS.

I'll still post periodically, since many on the forum would likely claim that I could still have the same level of knowledge about the game without playing it anywayz. ;-) So I'm not going anywhere.

For the record, I loathe ATI's cards. I owned one a year or so ago and was appalled with its' performance, (or lack thereof) whereas my experience with the three nVidia cards I have had has never been anything short of superb, in either Windows, Linux, or FreeBSD. I've consistently seen them being reviewed as being grossly inferior, as well.

I will freely admit to the probably deeply bigoted opinion that with many things, there is usually something which is the genuine article, and then there's the cheap knock off. For me, in terms of cola, that's Coke, in terms of processors, Intel, and in terms of graphics cards, nVidia. ;-)


Kestrel said...

I'm a Dr. Pepper guy, but I'm with you on Intel & nVidia. I've used the others with success, but just have had fewer issues overall with Intelvidea ;)

Stale said...

Yep, I have to disagree... Intel are good but AMD are quieter and run at a lower heat which allows them to be overclocked.

Coke/Pepsi are both good, just as long as its one of them... RC Cola and LA Ice dont cut it.

And NVIDIA all the way. So much better than ATI IMO.

You may know me... Its Stale from your server... I was in paradice and we were grinding at BT when you just hit 70 :)

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