Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm still standing

I'm still here, and am possibly going to start trying to play on a limited basis with my current ATI card...although 17-20 FPS really isn't likely to be enjoyable. If the guild hasn't already written me off, they well and truly can now, unfortunately.

I also have another gametime runs out in four days and I'm not going to be able to afford more for probably another four after that.

I really miss WoW, though. I miss being this character. I miss doing 5 man instances; I miss being a megalomaniac in Warsong Gulch pugs but us ending up winning because of it. ;-) It's hard to believe, but I think I also actually miss the festering snake pit that is the official Hunter forum, too.

Don't give up on me, guys...I am coming back. :)


Stale said...

17-20 FPS is bad for you? My laptop runs at around 20ish and its very similar to playing on a pc with 60 FPS (I have a good pc too.) The annoying part is when you have to play on an old P4 with 512 ram and an onboard video and you get 2-3 FPS and 0-1 in major cities :( I used to play on this type of PC as well... Running through Ironforge on a NE Hunter was hell!

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Pike said...

It's good to see that you're still here, and yes, I definitely know that sometimes you start missing playing your character. That's happened to me before... it doesn't surprise me that it happens to others!

Ashraf said...

Heh, that puts things into perspective-- I think I've never gotten better than 25 FPS in the last three years, and that's when I'm out and about alone. Add a group and AoE effects, and I'm usually at 13. *shrug* It's all what you're used to I suppose, hehe.