Thursday, December 27, 2007

Seeing how the other side lives

I went and visited Pike over on Silver Hand this morning, which was fun. I got up to level 6 after Pike logged off, but then as well as being tired, I ran into a rather creepy gnome in Goldshire who first said my toon was cute, then asked where the Darkmoon Faire was, and then asked if he could "work for me." I thus logged off immediately after that. That's the down side of playing a female toon, I guess.

Although definitely not always, they can sometimes be rather sinister little creatures, gnomes. This one had a pointed moustache and the proverbial Fu Manchu beard, to add stereotypical weight to the impression.

Although they can also be fun to play, too...I had an alt a bit back, which was my first time playing one, and ran around Goldshire screaming, "I'M A GNOME! I'M A GNOME! I'M A GNOME!" for probably close to two full minutes or so, noticing how much more quickly I at least *seemed* to be moving, as well as what it was like to have a vantage point that much lower than other people's. Was great fun...although I think the other people in Goldshire probably thought I was insane.

In terms of Alliance races, I've now played pretty much all of them; I like the Draenei as well, but in terms of the Night Elves, I've never been able to get over my experience with them in Warsong Gulch enough to actually be able to play one myself.

*Eyes begin to glaze over* "Must...kill...Warm...sweet...Night Elf...blood..." *begins twitching*

Oh I have to go and clean up the drool.


Pike said...

Playing with you was quite fun, I'm glad we were able to do it... now you know what this means, someday I'm going to surprise you and make a character on your server! =P

Sorry to hear about the creepy gnome though. They seem to be proliferating lately...

Mirshalak said...

Cool :) Maybe now is then a good time to tell you...My new main server is Thaurissan...I took the free transfer. :)

It'd be good to see you over there at some point though...and you might possibly like it. The Oceanic population are...interesting. ;-)