Saturday, January 19, 2008

Steamvault stress test

Just did a Steamvault run a few hours ago. I had a shaky start, but we avoided any wipes, and I eventually got my keybindings sorted out and got in the game.

It occurred to me that the Steamvault is probably one of the main instances I've done that can truly sort Huntard from Hunter. The number of potential adds here are enormous; many of the pulls are extremely chaotic, and you have to be on your toes at all times. CC is needed nearly every pull, as well. I've been the cause of some truly spectacular wipes in that particular instance, when I was first learning the's very tricky if you don't know the ground.

This was also the first run I've been on where group buffed I've cleared 30% crit, as well as having 255 paperdoll DPS. My RAP was a bit over 1500...Probably not quite Kara ready, but definitely getting close.

I'm no longer in the guild I was previously in...left it when I transferred to Thaurissan, and I should probably write to them and let them know what happened. Basically with the video card going, and everything else, it was just the wrong time for me. I think I'm going to slowly prepare for Kara unguilded, and then either pug Kara itself and guild for the later raids, or drift between guilds as necessary for runs. I can't see myself staying in the same guild for too long a period of time...I value my independence too much.

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