Friday, January 25, 2008

A visit from my boar

An odd experience here.

Yesterday I was doing an instance (the Wailing Caverns) run with an alt I'm levelling up with my RL housemate on a different server, in order to be able to play with him there. On one pull there was a sheeped Druid and a few other mobs...I sent my boar to help kill one of the shamblers, and then immediately sent him to attack the sheeped Druid by mistake. He Charged at the sheep...and then when he was about a milimeter away from it, ran back to me. Someone else commented on how that was beautiful pet control, and I took credit for it, although I probably shouldn't have, because the odd thing is I didn't actually hit the follow button to make him come back.

I then had the odd thought out of nowhere that because I generally have a toon with the same name (Mirshalak) and a boar on a few different servers, that perhaps there is actually a spirit that is associated with my various boars...different copies, but fundamentally the same animal.

So it's wierd that I also just woke up from a strongly vivid dream about being in a cave somewhere and wrestling around (in the manner a kid possibly would with a dog) with my boar. The odd thing was how clear the tactile impressions were. His fur was shiny black, and very rough and wiry, with a thick mane along the spine. I can also remember the sensation of a somewhat moist, flat snout against the side of my face.

The only other thing I can remember strongly is patting the mane along his spine, his heavy breathing, and telling him while I did so that I would never, ever get another pet. ;)

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