Sunday, November 9, 2008

My First Onyxia run

On seeing "LFM Onyxia," on the way to the island to do my dailies earlier, I messaged the person who posted the message, and asked if I could join. We went in, and it was probably the single fastest instance run I've done in quite some time, if not ever. We had 10-13 people, all 70. The best part, though, was this.

1,115 DPS. By most standards, I know that's probably nothing special, but for me, it's a new record. Although mana efficiency is a bit of a problem, in damage terms, the current hybrid spec is doing good things for me.

If I can figure out what would be sufficiently decent gear for it, I'm going to solo Onyxia at some point as well. I'm nowhere near ready yet, but apparently it is already known to be possible for Hunters. Any idea of what I'd need, in terms of the level of gear?

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