Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gargolmar downed

I wasn't going to write about this until I'd managed to do the entire instance, but I finally managed to kill Gargolmar solo, the first boss of the Hellfire Ramparts. I was interrupted by real life before I could finish the rest. I will go back and try and do it again, though, and I need to do BF as well, now.

Some analysis from the Ramparts runs, though:-

The single main thing I noticed was how poorly my boar still performed on threat generation, in comparison with a Ghost Saber. The difference was so great that the cat was able to help me down Gargolmar, while I wasn't able to do it with the boar, and on trash I had to pull out virtually every threat management trick in the book to get it to re-draw aggro as well. In Disphoria's Hunter vs World videos, where she uses a boar, I can only assume that it was before the Charge nerf, since now, they are sadly close to useless. It makes me think that if I'd had a cat pre-patch, I probably still would have been able to do it then as well.

The second thing is that I was wrong to ever be critical of Lock and Load. In addition to getting probably 500 AP from my current spec, I now feel that Lock and Load while chain trapping is the single biggest boost that Survival has had while soloing. While I do not advocate getting Explosive Shot, Arcane Shot with points now does more damage than Aimed Shot. Feign Death, however, does need to be used immediately after a Lock and Load proc.

On another topic, I was very sorry in the comments of my Obama post, to see Tamuka go. He didn't offer any real reasons as to why he was leaving, but I get the feeling that I know why. I guess I need to remember that this blog is for talking about World of Warcraft, and nothing else.

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