Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WoW's performance on FreeBSD

So to answer someone from my last post about why I run WoW in FreeBSD, this is why:-

In the minds of most people, this might seem like an entirely ordinary shot, but I've never had shading in particular look that good before.

Framerate now isn't as good as it was before I had sound running, but I still average above 30 FPS in most areas, and sometimes above 50. Framerate with no sound was insane; I peaked at 76 FPS in Jotunheim.

I apologise for the length of time between posts; I just really haven't been playing WoW that much recently. I logged in yesterday, but my recent average has been probably about twice a week. I have nobody offline to play with, and I don't have sufficiently consistent net access to raid, even if I did want to, so that makes it very difficult. I'm still working towards epic flying, but no guarantees as to when it will happen.

Are the rest of you still playing as much these days?

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