Thursday, June 11, 2009

A visit to Maraudon

So yesterday, I logged in with my old Mage on Jubei'Thos. I was bored out of my skull from doing nothing but dailies with Mirsh for ages, and figured if I was still going to play the game at all, it was time for something different.

I needed something to restore my faith in this game; as you can probably tell from the length of time since my last post, WoW interest for me lately has been at an all time low. I found something to renew my interest though, I think; it seems there's still a little life in the old game yet, if only embers.

I got into LFG, and for a long time, (probably two hours) I messed around in Stranglethorn (the Mage is level 41, and has only gained 6 levels in probably the past 3 years) because there was nobody in the list.

Finally, after finding a Priest and doing a who lookup on the zone, I actually managed to scrounge a group together. The fascinating thing was, these guys all seemed to be very new, hadn't been to any of the old instances, and didn't really seem to know that much about the game at all. Usually by the mid-40s, in the old days at least, a person would have learned a fair bit about WoW, but these guys were just doing what was expected of them now, and racing madly for the cap.

So I think maybe I'm going to go back to my old calling in the game; I'm possibly going to reroll a new Hunter on Jubei, as well as continuing to play the Mage, and look for groups of newbs to do the old instances with. I used to enjoy playing drill sergeant in the Wailing Caverns and a few other similar places, and it looks now as though there are a lot of new people coming into the game, who are less familiar with things than ever before.

The group I had yesterday seemed to really enjoy themselves once they got started, as well, and I don't think I'll ever forget a line that came from our tank after we'd downed one of the bosses there:-

"That's one less teleporting satyr out on the streets. I can sleep safer at night." ;)

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