Monday, June 15, 2009

A visit from some bats

I was walking back towards the train station last night after visiting a friend of mine, and as we approached one of the trees alongside the footpath, we heard a tremendous squealing noise. On looking up into the tree, we noticed the appearance of two bats, (presumably male and female) who for some reason were first wrestling around in the tree, and then one of them circled around the tree while we were directly underneath it.

They were making an enormous racket, too...really shrieking. We would have been able to still hear them from several feet away. The friend was walking with me at the time, and he said that although he has often taken that route in order to get to the train station or supermarket himself, in the couple of months he'd been living there, he had never seen bats in those trees before.

I was thrilled to see them myself, though; I had never actually seen bats close up before. Apparently the bigger, fruit eating flying foxes are quite common in Melbourne, but these were quite small...real microbats!

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