Monday, January 5, 2009

Blood Furnace on LOL mode

The two first HFP instances are almost embarassingly easy for me to solo with Beast Mastery now, although I'm assuming they probably won't be all that much more difficult with Survival, as I managed to get Gargolmar down with Surv almost immediately after 3.0.

So if anyone wants to use either Ramps or BF for farming, take your pick. BF is much simpler, (less bosses, and less complicated trash pulls) but Ramps has a correspondingly larger potential gold yield.

Except for the last few pulls, though, I sleepwalked through with Viper up. The only part of it which comes close to being difficult is the four wave Orc endurance test before Broggok, and as long as you keep Viper up, keep the mobs on your pet, and kite a bit if you pull, you'll be fine. Broggok himself however no longer needs to be kited, either; he's now pure tank and spank.

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