Saturday, January 10, 2009

Naxx bores me

The last couple of nights, my guild either hasn't been raiding, or I haven't been able to log in until after the start of it, so I've been focused on levelling my professions and playing the Auction House instead.

As embarassing as it might be to admit, I honestly find that a lot more enjoyable. After the initial, "Wow, I'm in Naxx!" factor wore off, (about the first half hour or so) the instance truthfully became boring.

About the only fight in there that has really stood out as being enjoyable so far, is Noth. Some of the voiceover theatrics with the Four Horsemen was also fun, but the rest of it has been a sleepwalk, pretty much. Some people might also consider Heigan's novelty to be entertaining, but truthfully I just considered him a pain in the neck.

I think one of the main things which has always motivated me where the idea of raiding is concerned, has truthfully been to try and get more credibility with forum trolls, if I'm really honest...and it's not like that is ever going to happen, anywayz.

Getting a nether drake, (yes, I still want one of those rather than the red ones if I can get it) maxing Engineering when I have the money, and maybe eventually buying a mammoth; these are things I can feel motivated about, as well as eventually still getting the Conqueror title.

I want to get a lot of money in this game, eventually; that is something I can really feel excited about.

Raiding on the other hand? It feels way too much like something which other people expect me to do.

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