Saturday, January 24, 2009

Suggestions for Pike

Got some suggestions for Pike, since in amongst random Orcish rages, trolling, and being deeply inappopriate and offensive, I occasionally like to try and help people if I can. ;-)

This Survival spec comes straight from the forums. According to WWS, it managed 6.7k DPS against Patchwerk. It wouldn't end up being my spec of choice full time, since I'm fond of Resourcefulness for farming, even with the LnL CD, but if I ever decide that I can be bothered going into Naxx again, I'd probably use it there.

As for rotation, the ex-BM crowd will tell you to use pure Steady as the only other thing with Explosive, but unless you are haste capped, I actually won't. I know my gear is universally considered garbage, but in Heroics last night with no group buffs and no consumables either, (I'm poor at the moment) I hit 2.1k; which by the standards of probably any other server in the known universe, would probably still get me shot, but by the standards of Saurfang, is generally enough to top meters in both Naxx raids and 5 mans...and would still actually be enough to ensure that a group I was in didn't wipe on Patchwerk, even though it'd probably still get me a /gkick afterwards. ;-)

The rotation I'm using though is actually a somewhat tighter (in terms of more Steadies) version of the old 1:1.5. Serpent, Steady, ES, Steady, Multi, Steady, Steady. (repeat; usually with Serpent as well, since it will often need it by then)

The only way my rotation changes for Lock and Load is to do Steady, Explosive, Steady, Explosive, Steady, Explosive, and then generally Steady, Multi again immediately after that.

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