Friday, March 20, 2009

I've been permanently forum banned

Although I'd largely left the Hunter forum, I started a thread in Off Topic last night which apparently someone didn't like; and logging in a few minutes ago, discovered I'd been permanently banned for trolling.

I guess it probably had to happen sooner or later, given how provocative I've always been. I get the feeling though that with the Battlenet consolidation and other changes, Blizzard are bringing the hammer down a little more heavily than in the past.

I've been on the PTR a little, too...though not much, and 3.1 definitely solidifies the proverbial, "Brave New World," that has apparently become the vision for WoW since the merger with Activision. Homogenised, soulless, and fairly pointless.

Truthfully, the ban is probably a good thing. As well as being probably the single most negative environment I've ever been in, WoW's forums are a terrible time sink; I've spent way too much time in them, and it was largely pointless.

If anyone wants to contact me, I'm still on Twitter, and my gmail address is still there, as well. I might possibly revive my account on Brig's forums as well, now...but we'll see.

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