Sunday, March 29, 2009

I've been shaped

I will probably only be able to play WoW intermittently for the next week, since I have once again been shaped down to 6.4k a second by my ISP, due to my brother's incredibly excessive use of our shared Internet connection.

The good news is that Jeremy has now been banned from use of the connection, especially considering that he had not been contributing monetarily to it at all.

Initially we had a bandwidth quota of 25 gigabytes on peak, and 25 gigabytes off, with a 1.5 Mbit downstream connection. Jeremy reached the quota limit with that, two weeks into the billing month.

Then when that happened, we had the account upgraded to a quota of 50 gigabytes either on or off peak, with an 8 Mbit connection. Jeremy reached the quota limit with that today, at the billing month restarts on the 5th of April. He was taking my Ethernet cable when I slept, so that he could play Xbox live while streaming a movie next to it on his PC.

I will still be able to blog, and will be back in WoW next week.

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