Saturday, March 21, 2009

Levelling a Warrior

I'm currently in the process of levelling a Protection spec Warrior. I know Prot isn't the fastest tree to level with, but I greatly enjoy tanking levelling instances whenever I can get them, and also group play while questing.

I love tanking, what I've done of it so far. Pike observed a little while back that she knew of a number of Hunter players who'd made healer alts. I'm actually following the other path. I have healed before, although only low level, and while I can live with it for an occasional change of pace, it isn't my full time activity of choice.

I am going to be logging in again this evening and levelling the Warrior up some more.

Also, in an odd sequel to my last post about being permanently banned from the WoW forums, less than an hour after I'd published that post, I had a new email from the BRK forums, containing a copy of his policy on, "Civility."

I think the most interesting part of that, is that it implies that contrary to what I might have thought, BRK apparently still has one eye on the humble Lair, at least from time to time. ;-)

You needn't worry however, BRK. My thought of moving to Brig's forum was fleeting at best. As someone else on the Blizzard Hunter forum noted a couple of weeks back, my presence in any forum has been winding down ever since the release of WoTLK, simply because, to be totally honest, in 3.0's context, I have no idea whatsoever how to play the class, and no particular desire to learn.

I will, most likely, be pontificating about Survival's changes in 3.1 at some point; especially considering that although it's taken 3 days, my main will hopefully finally have copied over to the PTR at this point. Aside from that, my WoW related focus is probably going to be the Warrior, at least for the time being; and I'm also again considering creating a blog about real life stuff, as well.

In closing this post, I will be sufficiently arrogant as to write my own obituary where Blizzard's forum is concerned.

While I will not claim, for one moment, that I am anywhere close to being entirely innocent of vitriolic excess, I do not believe, personally, that the reason for my permanent ban was due to my own behaviour being substantially worse or more negative than that of anyone else there.

The primary difference, however, with my own behaviour, was simply that I was more direct. I offered virtually no room for plausible deniability of my intent, and at times made statements similar to those of Tseric, before he left; which I think primarily offended people because they cut so close to the bone.

Given that, for as long as I have played this game, I have considered Tseric a kindred spirit, it is perhaps only fitting and entirely symmetrical that I have now befallen the same fate. To Blizzard's forum, therefore, I leave with the same words I keep for Tseric.

"Dif-tor heh smusma; Live long, and prosper."

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