Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I love my guild :)

Thanks for all the feedback, guys. :) If anything, the single best thing it confirms is that yes, people are still reading, despite me being so slack with updating lately!

Also, in terms of my current spec choice; I feel like I need to explain something. (As in, I'm currently 0/40/21)

Everyone who reads this ought to know by now that yes, I do love Survival. However, as I said to my class officer this morning, the main reasons why I've loved it is for the trapping and melee stuff. Being honest, until you have around 700 agility and 25%+ crit, compared to the other two trees though, the ranged damage just isn't there.

Another thing I said to my class officer earlier is that despite Survival being my native spec, I was willing on at least a temporary basis to respec in whatever manner we mutually decided was in the best interest of the guild. He has been awesome about this as well; there has been absolutely no pressure on me to go in any direction whatsoever. A fear of that is what kept me out of guilds for a long time, because I read a lot of posts on the forum where people complained that their guild or raid leaders arbitrarily demanded that they respec according to said leaders' misconceptions, without giving any thought to that individual's playstyle.

So...although I'm most likely going to go back to 0/20/41 Surv once I have the ag and crit to make it work, for the moment I'm staying Marks, by my own choice, in order to improve my damage. This isn't just for my own place in meters, either. The thing that prompted me to start looking at temporary alternatives was a guild run to the Shadow Labyrinth, where we wiped three times on Murmur. Someone else asked why we were wiping on him, since it actually seemed like a fairly straightforward fight. It hit me as to why we were; the group DPS just wasn't there at the level it should have been.

Anyway, I have to go back into the game and get busy, now. I've worked out that I need another 14 water primals to get my epic land mount, and a total of 70 water primals for my basic flying mount. I'm probably never going to want to go into Skysong Lake again, after this. ;-) Although I'm thinking maybe I should mix it up with some air farming from SMV as well...since they sell for more, too.

Thanks for sticking with me even though my posting has slowed down a little. If anyone's interested, there's a song I'm listening to a lot while preparing for Kara recently...it's a good one for it. It's an Australian song called, "More than a Game," and is rather difficult to get, but if you want it yourself, email me and I'll tell you where you can get it.

Also...if you don't have a guild where the people treat each other as well as they do in the one I've recently joined, you owe it to yourselves IMHO to /gquit and find one that is like that. :)

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