Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Voice Chat Adventures

I was finally able to get a group together to do the quest chain in Shadowmoon Valley for the Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight. Now I just need to farm up enough cash for two more Delicate Living Rubies, in addition to money for my flying mount, in addition to another possible spec adjustment once I hit 650-700 Ag.

During this group though, I had voice chat going and was talking to one of the people in the group; it's a great addition to the game, and I strongly recommend trying it out if you haven't already. I had a really interesting conversation with a guy from America while playing an alt for a bit on Demon Soul the other day, too. It's great for meeting people.

My first experience with it was also a scenario where a guy flew with me over to the Black Temple and showed me some great mobs for cash and signet ring grinding, which was probably the best of the three, as well. I'm trying to be a bit more social in the game, and am discovering that I can learn a lot of secrets about earning gold and other things by doing so.

It could just be my hardware, but I wasn't able to get it going via Linux, unfortunately...it's one feature that is Windows only, it seems. That is a bit of a shame, because it means I can't have OpenGL, (which I love) with lower latency and voice chat all at once.


Big Black Wolf said...

I'm running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04). I've got WoW running on this system. As long as your sound is working normally with the game, it should allow the voice chat to work as well. It works for me.

The only sound issue I have is that if I alt-tab to another window, I lose ALL sound in WoW. Probably a setup issue with WINE, though. You can hit me up using my email address if you wanna knock heads on this one.

Pike said...

@ Big Black Wolf - the way I got around the losing sound thing was to go into video options and set my game to Windowed Mode, and then fullscreen it. No more alt+tab problems =)

Also, I have not been able to get voice chat working either... I think I'm having some ALSA issues.

Big Black Wolf said...

Have you checked here