Monday, October 8, 2007

Starting to worry

So, my guild originally wanted to start running Kara at the beginning of this month. They didn't have enough people then still, so it got pushed back to the middle of the month.

That would mean the 14th. Which is five days from now.

I honestly don't think I'm going to make it. I've just got my epic land mount yes, which means I now only have to save for my flying mount...but making 1k gold in 5 days? Not only that, Jubei'Thos is dead for groups. I tried to find a group for Durnholde, because apparently I have to run that for Kara attunement; nothing. I've been trying to get SH groups for some of the drops there as well, again; nothing. Even when I can get groups, it will be with every class other than a tank available.

I always thought also that guilds were actually supposed to work together even as far as attunement and so on was concerned; I guess I'm just on at the wrong time of day, but whenever I do get on, I'm lucky if there are three other people there.

I'm not sure what to do. I'm thinking I should continue getting ready at my own pace, and when it happens, it happens. If I'm ready to go in time with the current guild, great...if I'm not, I may end up having to leave and seek another guild that are ready at the same time I am.


Xizang said...

Whether or not you will be able to obtain flying skills before the deadline largely depends on your playtime.
1.000G is just about the value of 25 Primal Fire on my server, so if you do nothing but farm those, you might get the money together. On the other hand, I assume you still have plenty of quests open. Without being able to fly you will not be able to make a fortune out of the daily repeatable quests yet. Hardcore questing can reward you 300+ a day, including all money earned by loots along the way. YOu may be lucky and loot a blue or a pattern that brings big cash at the auction house...

Concerning the guild itself I would not recommend basing your guild decision around Kara. If you like your guild and its members, stay there and don't drop friends for loot. If they drop you for being too casual, don't look back.
A guild shot not penaltize someone for being a week late with getting attuned for an instance that is going to be run for half a year. Especially if you guys are engaging Karazhan now, you are without a doubt not seeking world first kills.

Cheers, Xi

Ashraf said...

I'm definately with Xi-- you've already mentioned both how much you enjoy your guild and how you like that they are lenient with whatever spec you're using. They sound like they're worth staying in.

Not being able to find a tank is the bane of just about any pugger out there :/. There are ways to get around it though, if you just cannot wait any longer; we only have one tank ourselves in my guild, and can't always find a Pug to fill the role. We've resorted to the 'Team DPS' method; 1 healer, 4 dps, one of which is a hunter. If you can stand yet another respec, you can pet tank it. It ain't relaxing, but it can work if you've got 4 others that are familiar with the instance, work well together, and are on top of CC. That, and having to find 4 others that are wonky enough to try ;). Whatever you end up doing, good luck to you!