Friday, September 5, 2008

Karazhan and Ice cream

I've not too long got back from the Friday night Karazhan raid. Although the loot I was after didn't drop, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I was in the end able to get the Ring of a Thousand Marks from Prince Malchezzar.

Although this ring is almost an identical sidegrade to my current PvP ring, the difference of course is that it has +hit, which means it is now possible for me to stay hit capped without needing to equip my old green trinket.

I was also able to reach 700 DPS in the Prince fight, for third place, and a total of 600 DPS and fifth place overall. The latter wasn't so good, but what it demonstrates is the truth of Survival's lack of mana efficiency causing problems on long fights. I'm also not too unhappy with myself on the grounds that we didn't have a Paladin present in the raid, and only a single Shaman, so I didn't have either Kings or GoA, and in fact, was only self-buffed.

As mentioned in a previous entry, my personal record is 851 DPS on Murmur, with a spec identical to my current, but for long periods, I struggle to stay over 600.

While the above definitely isn't stellar, perhaps, I also don't feel that it's excessively unsatisfactory, either. I will need probably another 150-200 AP if I can get it to be truly, comfortably Gruul capable, from what I have read; I would want to be able to reach at least 650 sustained.

The other part of the title of this post happened an hour or so before writing this blog entry. My diet, owing to both physiological and economic constraints, is customarily very conservative, but on this particular occasion I felt like doing something unusual, and after the raid, bought myself a half litre container of Homer Hudson's Cookies and Cream ice cream. For anyone who hasn't tried it, I recommend it; it is noticeably more affordable than the same flavour in other brands, and not discernibly different in taste, either.

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