Monday, September 1, 2008

Zul Aman baptism by fire

So, earlier tonight, the offline friend I've been playing with comes over as usual. He says to me, "There won't be anything up for you tonight, because Zul Aman is being run by the core team of the guild," and so I'm thinking fine, and decide to go do some fire farming in SMV. I'm trying to amass 2-300 hundred gold if I can, simply in order to pay for various fairly basic things, in terms of consumables and my armor having to be repaired from zero.

Anywayz, I'm doing this, and suddenly get a whisper from one of the officers in the guild, telling me they're doing Zul'jin and would I like to go in? So I get a summon and go in.

Apparently they've downed Zul'jin before, but don't quite have it on what they consider farm status; they feel that way with SSC as well I think. I admit; we wiped twice, and my own damage output in this scenario was terrible, mainly because I was still the Marks spec I use for PvP, (AV weekend the night before) and had no mana pots, having spent close to 200g on various other kinds of consumables on the weekend. So I was oom the entire fight, and even when I wasn't oom, Feign Death got resisted almost every single time I cast it.

I apparently got around 550 overall, which was just above a DPS warrior in the group. I got almost exactly the same in a Black Morass run straight after that because I was on add duty, with 807 on the last boss there.

What I don't understand is that I respecced Beast Mastery between the ZA and BM runs, and in that Black Morass run actually apparently got *less* than I had previously with Survival. Although I'm not running a damage meter myself at the moment, (I am of course running a threat meter, however) I was told I got 650 in SSC on Sunday, and a little over 800 in a Heroic SP run earlier that day.

This goes against everything any of the forum trolls have ever said, that there is categorically NO way anyone could ever do more damage with Survival. I'm thinking though; Surv not only is what I'm more geared for, (I still have my Quill with close to 100 ag on it, and the crafted sockets) but it's what I have more experience with as well, and I'm wondering if that then explains the difference.

Either way, it's a mystery, and one I need to get figured out ASAP. There have been too many wipes in runs I've been in so far with this guild, and I need to figure out what I can do to reduce at least any contribution I might be making to causing them. One person quit the guild after the second Zul'jin wipe, and I know the forum trolls would probably gleefully try and tell me that it was almost certainly because of me being invited and then wiping the group.

I'm going to sign up for Kara on Friday, which is more my level, and try and get my new boots from EoTS sometime this week as well. I've also been looking into the best pet; a Raptor seems to be, because it has the same damage as a Ravager according to petopia, but slightly more health. I'm also planning on possibly doing some training sessions in Ramps after I've installed a DPS meter. SSC showed me I badly need more practice kiting, among other things.

I'm also open to whatever spec I need to use to improve my damage output now as well. Whether it be BM, Marks, or Surv. My motto at the moment is, whatever it takes.

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