Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More gold farming suggestions

Got some ideas for gold farming, based on a couple things I've been doing over the last few days. I'm wanting to eventually resocket a lot of my gear with spinels if possible, and they're usually 150-200g uncut, or 250g cut; so I'm having to make a lot of money to do it. So, here are some destinations to maybe check out.

These aren't daily replacements; they're things that you can go and do after dailies for even more money, for whatever you might need it. For me anyway, they're a lot less boring than primal farming, too.

Tyr's Hand, Eastern Plaguelands.

This is a small village south of Light's Hope Chapel, which has a large number of Scarlet Crusade human mobs in it.

A lot of people who played this game pre-TBC will probably know about this place, but new people might not. The main point of this area is Runecloth, which peaks at around 4g per stack on my server. A single lap of the town can net 5-6 stacks, but in addition, you'll also probably get 5-10 greens, and a lot of grey stuff which sells for 1-2g apiece as well. The single best thing about this place is that there's a mailbox at Light's Hope. This means that you can fill your bags, do a drop off at the mailbox, and then go back and farm again. My usual quota here is 10 stacks per day, or two laps, which gives me 40g, plus another 20-30g in greys and greens. The best part is that there aren't usually a lot of other people out there, which means you'll often get the place more or less to yourself.

Sunken Temple, Swamps of Sorrows.

This place is particularly well accessible, since not only is it on the way back from Kara, but you can also buy portals straight there. The point of this place is Mageweave Cloth, which sells for 5-6g per stack of 20 on my server. The trolls here have around a 28% chance to drop it. There are places where the rate is higher, yes, but such places generally aren't in instances, and also aren't normally this close to a portal destination or mailbox, which means that although the droprate is lower, you can compensate by being able to do runs more quickly.

As you go into the instance, take the left side passage, and go up the stairs until you come to the circular area called the Halls of the Cursed. Do a full lap of that, and it should give you anywhere up to 5 stacks, depending. If the place has respawned by the time you've done one full lap, go around again. After doing the second lap, reset, rinse, and repeat. The Stonard mailbox isn't a totally unbearable distance away, either.

You can do that up to six times an hour, from memory, and if you get 5 stacks each time, that works out at up to 180g an hour, which isn't too bad. That also doesn't count greens, which can be worth 1-2g each. The grey stuff from there generally isn't worth much, however. Throwing it out manually can also be a pain, but I found an old addon called DropJunk. Once you've loaded that, all you have to do is type /dj drop, and it deletes everything grey in your inventory. You might not want to use that after a Scholo run, however. ;-)

People generally hate ST, and so avoid going there, (and truthfully it genuinely is very painful to do a full clear) but simply doing laps of the Halls of the Cursed isn't too bad. Given that Mageweave tends to be hard to find in large quantities, it would be possible for you to set up a nice little monopoly on it on your server. ;-)

The Scholomance.

I've mentioned this before, probably too much, but it's worth mentioning again. A good trash run up to the Great Ossuary will get you up to three Dark Runes, and in addition to being great raid consumables for you, they sell for anywhere between 15 and 45g on my server, depending on what the market's doing. A typical run will also net 5 stacks of Runecloth, for another 20g, some greens, maybe one or two blues, and a generous amount of the more lucrative grey trash I've seen in the game, as well.

Scholo's single major drawback is its' distance from a mailbox, however a four node multiboxing Warlock could take care of that problem. Fill a Warlock's bags, and have that 'lock hearth back to Shat, sell the junk, mail the cloth/greens/blues to your bank alt, and then use the other three to summon that one back. You could repeat that process until the inventory of all four Warlocks is empty again.

East edge of Bone Wastes, Terokkar Forest.

The thing to get here is Warped Flesh from the Warp Stalkers, which cooks into Warp Burgers, one of the Agility buff foods for Hunters and Rogues. I've seen raw Warped Flesh go for 20g per stack of 20 on my server before, and there's usually a lot of Warp Stalkers in that area, as well. You can also find more of them north of Tuurem in Terokkar, as well.

Some other addons which I've found to be good for farming/selling are:-

* Igor's Mass Auction for TBC. This wonderful addon gives you 18 slots for putting large amounts of product on the Auction House at once, and if you specify a universal price for a given stack size of items, it will also automatically calculate the cost of a smaller one. Say, for example, you set the price of Copper Bars at 1g per stack of 20, if you then put a stack of only 5 in one of the slots, it would price it at 25 silver.

* Quicksplit 2. Another miracle of automation, this addon splits stacks of items into the size you specify. With a stack of 20 Mageweave, I can hold down shift and left click, and instead of getting the usual interface, type in the number 2, then hit the multiple stack button, and get 10 stacks of 2 pieces each automagically, rather than having to do that manually and move closer to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. ;-) Check the comments section, as they include some stuff to copy and paste into the lua file in order to squash a few minor bugs, but it's really not difficult to do.

* ArkInventory.

This is probably the single most amazing addon I've found for WoW so far. It lets you sort your inventory into visual categories in a single inventory window, and you can write textual search rules so it knows which items to put in which categories. That means I can have cloth, quest items, greens, blues, soulbound stuff, and so on, each sorted into an individually spaced category. It is infinitely easier on the eyes and brain than simply having everything in a random jumbled mess, and it means I can find whatever I need in a few seconds. If you don't have this already, I strongly recommend it. If you need example search rules to get you going, let me know and I'll share some of mine. It takes up a bit more memory perhaps than most addons, (around 2 mb) but I feel that for what it does, it's worth it.

* Better Inbox.

I suspect that there are more elaborate mailbox addons in existence, but this one is simple and does what I at least need. If I get a lot of mail to my bank alt, what this does is let me open all of it at once while putting the items in my inventory, and if there's gold attached to any of the mail, it will display a sum total of all of it at the top of the mail window.

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