Friday, August 24, 2007

I made a funny

This is something I posted a while ago in the forum in response to a thread entitled, "Vote for the most repetitive forum topic." It was a comment on the amount of threads I see in the forums asking about Survival. A number of people seem to have found it amusing, so I thought I'd repost it here.

The OP in such threads always make themselves sound like they're bi-curious; as though it's a huge change they're contemplating, and they often manage to sound vaguely ashamed of themselves as well, as though they're considering doing something really dirty.

"Umm, I know what people will think of me for this, but lately I've started getting this urge to respec Survival. It was originally only fairly mild, and I could deal with it by thinking about other things, but recently it's become a lot stronger, to the point where it's getting really hard to deal with. I'm scared of what will happen if my spouse or family find out."

Survival is not the Dark Side. Respeccing Survival will not give you leprosy, AIDS, cooties, or fleas. Survival is not exclusively the domain of basement dwelling mutants or the criminally insane.

It's safe. Honest. ;-)

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