Monday, August 20, 2007

My Tag System

Although this isn't fully developed yet, and is subject to continued evolution over time, the three common tags which I'm going to be using on articles, and their definitions, are given here. As you're reading my blog, this will assist you in knowing what an article is likely to be about ahead of time, so you can thus have more of an idea of whether you want to read it. Tags of course also allow related things to be grouped together.

Basics - Posts with this tag will usually about stuff that either applies to the early part of the game, or elements of playstyle which I've come to feel are central to being a Hunter more or less in general, at least for me. These are things which I'm inclined to feel are relevant regardless of a person's level. They can also be about fundamental elements of this blog in general; this document itself is an example.

Philosophy - Posts with this tag are usually rants of various length, talking about my perspective on a particular issue, or on whether or not I feel certain things in-game are a good idea. (My melee hunter post is a good example of what I mean, here) Theorycrafting also comes under this heading; they're usually posts about the "why" of something rather than the "how," as such.

Survival - Posts with this tag will be about issues of specific relevance to the Survival talent spec in particular.


Lhynn said...

I found your blog through BRK.
Is quite intersting as I had problems finding any onther bog about survival.
Even though I'm BM atm (for levelling, as my hunter-alt is only 31 atm, I plan on going 0/20/41 into survival once I focus more on instancing, as it seems to be the best support and CC spec to me).

I have one suggestion:
Add an e-mail adress where one can send you questions (instead of putting it in comments). At lest I didn't see one.

And a question too:
If I understand correctly, Wyvern sting puts a poison dot once the sleep phase is over. Tooltip says it also there can only be one sting active at any given time. So I was wondering if it is possible to Wyvern sting a target and before it runs out (or maybe even once the poison runs) put any other non-dot sting on it, to overwrite it and be able to trap the target without a dot breaking the trap?

Sebulon said...

Thanks for starting a blog on survival hunters! I switched from Bm to Survival recently and am very excited about it. Have to admit that my damage is down abit and that I haven't really gotten used to the new playing style, but it's getting better each day :)

I have a gut feeling that survival really is the schnitz (to borrow an expression from BRK) but that u have to be real good to make it work. Well I intend to try and be REAL good so...........

I can answer the question put by lhynn as I use that tactic myself. Yes u can put a scorpid sting on the target after the sleep wears off and dispel the DoT effect. Thereby making the mob trappable. It works very good you just have to keep an eye on the mob :)

Rajun said...

Excellent! I have been so intrigued about the SV hunter but havent been able to find any decent info on them. I hope to read and compare notes on all our experiences...
I have two 70 hunters (Orc/Troll), one that I just respected as a SV. Dunno, I like the BM, but something inside of me is screaming to go SV (perhaps just to be different). Thanks for filling the void...will look forward to future posts.
BTW...good job!

Mirshalak said...

put any other non-dot sting on it, to overwrite it and be able to trap the target without a dot breaking the trap?

I believe this is possible, yes. The only non-dot sting that I can think of is Scorpid Sting, but I'm fairly sure it will work with that. Even though you of course wouldn't want to since it's DOT anywayz, Serpent Sting won't override get a message that a more powerful spell has already been applied.

Mirshalak said...


Thanks for the feedback! To lhynn again also, I'll add an email address to my profile. :)

xizang said...

Now there's finally a resource suiting my needs better than good old BRK. I have respecced from 16/42/3 MM to 0/21/40 SV recently.

Preferring Scattershot over Wyvernsting is kind of an old habit. I tried wythern thoroughly and found out it adds more to the groups confusion than it helps getting mobs sorted. Raidwise it doesn't make a big difference anyway, but I love that instant "No you don't go straight for the healer" kind of instant shot.

So let's go make this blog a good resource for those who don't go mainstream. For we're hunters not lemmings.

xizang said...
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