Thursday, August 30, 2007

What is the Hunter the master of?

Someone in the forums just listed the areas in which they felt other classes had "mastery," while at the same time expressing that he didn't feel that Hunters had any specific proficiency of our own. Here's my response to that.


Master of tactics, in all areas of physical combat, both ranged and melee. In addition to the ability to deal devastating damage at range, a skilled Hunter is in control of the flow of battle at all times, utilising traps, Misdirection, and Wyvern Sting to ensure that neither he or his party are ever faced with more opponents than they can handle.

Beast Mastery - The Beast Master is, as the name implies, a master of communing with animals. Able to learn and adopt a wide range of skills from the various beasts he encounters in the wild, the Beast Master is able to pass many of these on to animal companions which they can tame, or use as Aspects to enhance their own abilities. The Beast Master's trademark talent is his ability to harness the inherent ferocity of his pets, and use it to rapidly annihilate his foes, as well as sharing it with the rest of his party.

Marksmanship - The Marksman Hunter is the master of ranged combat, able to hold foes at a distance with an initial stunning shot, and then rapidly pummel them to death with a high powered, magically enhanced barrage. Although he is at a disadvantage in close quarters, a slowing melee ability means that he can regain range quickly enough, giving him back the advantage over his prey. The Marksman Hunter is also able to mystically share his innate dexterity with others in his party, enhancing their own combat ability as well.

Survival - The Survivalist Hunter is a problem solving chameleon, able to leap between ranged and trap-augmented melee combat at will. Tracking allows him to be aware of threats before others in his party, and his enhanced traps, tranquilising shots, and misdirecting ability can be used to control the progress of any fight, and ensure that he and his party members are able to deal with opponents in a rapid and orderly manner, without being overwhelmed. In addition, the Survival Hunter's advanced knowledge of the anatomy of a large number of foes encountered in the wild can be imparted to other members of his party, allowing them to detect vulnerabilities in their foes, and destroy them more efficiently.


Mera said...

Master of Puppets!

I still think that BM has highest sustained dps, and SV has best trapping ofc.

This leaves me to wonder where MM is...

Xizang said...

Marks provides the technology to make the other 2 viable. Be it 41/20/0 or 0/20/41, they all have 20 points in MM.
This means everyone and his brother is 1/3 MM, but complains about the tree...