Friday, August 24, 2007

On Hunter Competence

Something I'm seeing a lot in the forum this morning (although it's a constant feature, of course) is a lot of crying about a particular Survival ability, Wyvern Sting.

Said crying contains the assertion that Wyvern is poorly designed; that it isn't useful; that the cooldown is too long, and the sleep is too short; that the DoT is too weak; that there shouldn't be a DoT on it at all because that means you can't CC a target with it afterwards, etc etc etc.

This raises a very important point, and one of the key elements of Survival as a spec. Survival doesn't have any of the more general use abilities like Bestial Wrath. Everything that we have has a very specific use, and it is up to the Hunter to determine which ability is going to be appropriate for the given situation.

For some things, Wyvern Sting is wonderful. I primarily use it for three mob pulls both farming and in instances. Hit the central mob with Wyvern, freeze trap left, kill right. Refreeze left, kill central with Wyvern's DoT when it wakes, then kill left. You have to move quickly, yes...but it's very possible.

I also use it for stopping runners, and it's great for other such strategies as the one I listed in the above post as well. If you do some experimentation with it, you'll probably be able to find uses for it that nobody else has.

My point is that while our abilities have limitations, (durations, cooldowns, mana costs, level requirements, etc) they're still entirely usable...and also, limitations are what primarily give structure to the game. This video will offer you an understanding of why limits are needed in the game, and what happens when they aren't there.


s4dfish said...

One thing I do with Wyvern Sting is have it set up as a macro:

/focus [target=mouseover, exists]
/cast [target=focus] Wyvern Sting

This makes it much easier to cast while in combat with another mob and while attempting to trap. Not having to change targets makes it much more fluid. In addition if you're not using for initial CC you can very easily use it on a mob that's rushing your healer without shifting your target. As it set's the mob as your focus it makes much easier to watch the duration of the sleep so you know when you'll need to deal with the mob again.

Mirshalak said...

Great idea, s4d! Thanks for that! :)