Saturday, July 26, 2008

A better night of PvP

Qoy qeylIS puqloD, Qoy puqbe'pu'...

Ahem. Sorry... *cough* ;-)

Anyway, last night the offline friend I've mentioned earlier came over and I had a much more successful PvP session than I've had recently. My ratings still suck, but my team won an even 8 out of 19 games in the Arena, and in the last game of 3s I managed to get killing blows on two of the other I felt reasonably good about that.

I'm also going to try for the Conqueror PvP title as well; I managed to finally hit Exalted with AV last night, and am at 50% Revered with WSG as well. I'm still only at Honoured with AB though...that one could take a while. Getting rep with the Frostwolves is actually fairly easy; AB will be the hardest of the lot, since AFAIK we only get 10 rep per node cap there. WSG is 35 per cap, and I think more if you cap it I can get roughly 100 rep per winning game.

I'm moving closer finally to the new bow, as at about 18.5k hp, out of 27k needed. We also had some good world PvP on Quel'Danas; it definitely helps when I'm not entirely alone.

I am thinking though that in WoW, PvP could definitely end up becoming my niche. ;-)

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