Thursday, July 17, 2008

My next game on the horizon.

It isn't Age of Conan. It isn't Warhammer. It isn't Stargate Worlds.

It's Spore. It is due out in September, although I've been waiting for it for close to two years now. I, my housemate, and a couple of other RL friends have also all downloaded the Creature Creator and have been playing with it.

The offline friend who took me to the Arena has become addicted to the Creature Creator as well, which is a huge surprise, since he usually only likes games or films which are extremely violent. He apparently likes the ability to design vicious predators to play with in-game when it is released.

The blog isn't going anywhere, so don't worry about that. I will also, Kali willing, be staying for WoTLK as well, at least to an extent. Once Spore comes out it's going to be very difficult for me to justify spending much time in WoW, but I will still log in now and then.

I've said that it was playing with Surv that primarily tied me to WoW. It isn't; it's this blog. Truthfully, if it wasn't for the blog, I almost certainly would have made the peon cry myself already. It used to be that I felt that even if I didn't raid, casual 5 mans on alts every now and then could still hold my interest. That was before Blizzard nerfed every pre-60 instance in the game into the ground, and most people forgot how to play because of it.

I love writing this, though; and interacting with the group of people I've met online because of it. It's funny; it's actually the people in most segments of the game (including the forum) who've come very close at times to convincing me to leave, yet it is also the people associated with the blog specifically who motivate me to stay...and for that, I thank you.

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