Saturday, July 19, 2008

My first tentative attempt at machinima

I know, I know. Usually people keep these sorts of alphaware abominations private, and only release something actually watchable. However, we all know how much I love being called a scrub and bombarded with various other forms of verbal abuse.

In the interests of giving trolls more justification for pelting me with virtual rotten vegetables, therefore, I present the above linked video. In my defense, this was assembled with the WoW map and model viewer programs rather than in-game footage, and I'm also currently having to rely on Windows Movie Maker for post-production, which is the cinematic equivalent of having to perform abortions with an extremely rusty, blunt edged coathanger; the results are about equally messy. ;-)

I want to get hold of some truly decent editing software though, and learn to use the model viewer. The single main reason right now is because I've collected some in-game footage for a Scholo video that I've had in the works for a while, and I wanted to learn to combine that with some model viewer cutscenes.

The model viewer's two main advantages seem to be the ability to do better quality closeups, and also the ability to do colour correction and more advanced antialiasing than is possible with the sort of runtime rendering that WoW uses. The limited number of examples of its' use that I have seen appear to be genuinely stunning.

This video was encoded at a final resolution of 640x480, so if you can download it and view it full screen outside of this Blogger page, I would humbly request that you do so. It is somewhat more visually appealing than in the small window it appears in here.

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