Thursday, July 10, 2008

My first real foray into the Arena

An offline friend introduced me to the Arena last night.

I won't lie to anyone; it was an unmitigated disaster. We won two out of ten games, and those were because the opposing team forfeited the match both times. My anonymous hecklers are entirely free to launch the usual chorus of, "You suck!" This time, I'll likely agree with you. ;-)

I'm thinking it possibly had to do with the type of match and our composition, however. Hunters are apparently a lot better in 3s and 5s than 2s. My partner was a Fire Mage (although a very skilled one, in battlegrounds at least) but we also didn't have a healer, and from everything I've heard, Hunters are also a lot better suited to drain teams rather than DPS. I also wasn't the appopriate spec; I remember Bandet's recommendation of Scatter Shot, although I was able to utilise Wyvern Sting such that we were able to kill one of the members of the other team in one match at least.

If I go into the forum any time soon and the trolls see my new ratings, there'll almost certainly be blood in the water. ;-)

I thank ZulaZilu for his reply to my last post, although his referring to me as lighthearted is interesting. If anything, I've always tended to consider excessive emotional intensity to be a major problem of mine; but thanks for the compliment.

As I wrote in my own comment there, I've been trying to level Enchanting, and I'm thinking that once I get that up high enough, it will enable me to make some great money.

Also to Alarand, the median for Thaurissan is a 17g 50s buyout on Greater Eternal Essence. My AH tends to bounce around quite a lot, it could well spike at close to double that. Thaurissan's AH median for Dark Runes, as I've said before, is around 15g, yet recently I saw some listed for 45g. It just depends on supply and demand; how many people are farming and what the sellers think they can get away with. The median is usually a good sure sale price, though.

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