Monday, August 18, 2008

Arena woes

It's plain for anyone who cares to look; my Arena ratings are terrible.

I'm thinking my group comp might have had something to do with it, though. I'm usually in 2s, and the RL friend who plays with me is generally either using a Mage or a Rogue. He now has his brother's Shaman at 70 as well, but we really don't do so well when I'm sole DPS, especially considering that I will often get targetted first by the enemy team.

The RL friend knows a few more people on the server than I do, so he has talked about being able to make a 5s team next week. He wants to get his brother playing his Shaman, which I think will really help, and I also can remember reading that 5s were somewhat better for Hunters, because with more other targets to choose from, there's less chance that the other team will simply zerg us.

I've been experimenting with different specs to see if that will help, as well. BM really hasn't worked out for me; it helps me against Rogues, but given that my gear was initially based almost solely around Agility, my burst with it just isn't high enough. With Marks my burst is ok, but without BW I die because of Crippling Poison.

I intend to probably wait until after the expansion comes out before I go back to full Survival; the way things are now, my AP is around 300 more with Marks, which I need. I am however having to run a bit of a weird Marks spec in order to get the lower hit cap from Surefooted, which I'm also finding I need as well.

If anyone can offer me some non-trollish advice though, I'd appreciate it. I know my gear still needs work. I need to get replace my current boots, but that will mean getting 40 Eye of the Storm marks, and the Horde in my battlegroup lose there pretty much every game, so I'm really not looking forward to that.

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