Saturday, August 9, 2008

Why do people hate Hunters?

This was a question I just saw asked by a new Hunter in the forum.

"Okay so I finaly made a hunter and just recently got to 60 (YAY!!!! GO ME) and the whole way up lvling things went well 5-mans and all that jazz good fun generally little dying but never any complaints. I have good knowleged of CC, DPS, "Save the healer", and "take a death" : (. But at this point is seems that populairty for hunters has gone down.

My pet dies often in instances (prolly cuz my gear sucks right now) but still have to admit the scaling isn't the greatest right now anyway...

Group chemistry sucks @** i get blamed for nearly every CC break we have whether that's my job on the pull or not... "it was the huntard..." : (

What's up with that? I lay my life down to save ppls and get called a huntard? to hell with that!!!

What else.....idk that's just a few things anyone else got anything? answers? other issues?"

(Emphasis mine)

Aside from DPS, The Hunter, Survival in particular, is the proverbial Dark Knight role. Sure, you might die while selflessly protecting healers all the time, and prevent wipes; but unlike the tanking classes, a lot of the time we do it in a very transparent and low key way, so you'll never ever be given credit for it. You will do things that will enable a group to finish an instance where they probably would not have otherwise, yet that will not be recognised, and you will still be reviled and shat on as a "huntard," while people call us easy mode and continue to scream for the deletion of our class.

In The Dark Knight, we get probably the single most rationalistic depiction of Batman we've ever seen. Under the cape, this is a very human individual; he gets mauled by dogs and is shown stitching himself up. He also experiences massive self doubt and regret at times.

In WoW, there's something similar. A Hunter can be the Paladin in much more rationalist/realistic terms; without the Superman element. We don't have the bubble or plate armour; we can't heal, we can't cleanse, and we don't have the blessings. We're very, very mortal. So when we save a group, we do it in the dark. When we use CC to allow our team to win an Arena match, we're still not doing what people logically think is the right thing.

No cheering. No Light spells. No glory, other than what we feel ourselves.

If you see the film again at some point soon, watch for the scene in particular where Batman uses the Tumbler to shield the truck Harvey Dent is in, from a rocket being fired by the Joker, and remember how, as a Hunter, you've probably had to do something similar countless times for a Priest in an instance, only to have nobody pay it any mind whatsoever. Also try listening to the tracks, "I'm Not A Hero," "Like a Dog Chasing Cars," and "A Dark Knight," from the DK soundtrack sometime while playing your Hunter in a Heroic.

"See, to them, you're just a freak..."

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