Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The politics of world PvP

Although it's been quiet for the last few days, while I was attempting to do dailies earlier tonight, the Alliance on my server was apparently feeling above itself once again. The first sign was that the floor of the central room of questgivers was literally covered in bones.

Then a little while later, their usual style of many on one, hit and run ganking commenced to the point where Horde players were unable to quest at all, on the Greengill Coast in particular. After being a target on a couple of occasions while simply trying to quest, given that I'm also currently in one of my temporary BM respecs, Bestial Wrath procced on both sides of the keyboard, and I felt the urge to dispense summary justice. ;-)

I went on a rampage, slaughtering every Alliance character I could find.

There were, as I think I've mentioned, some recent transfers to Thaurissan from PvE servers, which Blizzard allowed in order to correct a faction imbalance. Previous to that, the Alliance on Thaurissan had been completely and thoroughly domesticated, to the point where the faction had become critically endangered. Now, however, due to the transfers, there are new Alliance players present, and diplomatic customs (governing such mutually used areas as the island, for example) have not yet been established.

I don't mind world PvP happening in other areas, but as far as I'm concerned, the island is off limits. I'm there to quest, get my money, and go so that I can do other things, not to be subjected to pre-adolescent provocateurs. My philosophy on world PvP happening on the island is thus summed up by a quote from Daniel Howling Coyote, a character from one of the Shadowrun novels:-

"Come in peace, stay in peace. Otherwise leave in pieces." ;-)

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