Sunday, August 24, 2008

Timecard replaced

I bought another one, and am renewed until October, which is apparently when WoTLK is due out.

I've managed to get my chestpiece enchanted with the Exceptional Stats (+6 to all) enchant. I've also got the mats for the +15 Agility enchant to the s2 hands, but nobody who could do that enchant seemed to be on Thaurissan this morning, so I will have to try later. My health is currently 9.5k unbuffed with Survivalist and around 10.3k with Survivalist and Blessing of Kings.

When I've got full s2, my goals are to get back to 700 Agility unbuffed (which will become 800 after LR) and 12k health with Survivalist. The latter should happen more or less automatically once I've got the boots and belt, or close to. The Agility will be a little harder; I'm going to have to move some things around a bit.

Complicating things is the fact that for PvP, I also need around 69 hit as Rilgon has pointed out. The reason why this will be hard is because although my current boots are bad in other respects, they do have hit on them, and the S2 ones won't. Although I also have the Sonic Spear but still need to get the +35 Agility enchant on it, I'm reluctant to do so, because although the Spear will give me +hit, it has lower Agility than my Quill.

I'm thinking I need to be sensible about not trading everything else I need for pure Ag, as I was in the past. I'm going to aim for 700 before LR as my goal, but if I don't quite make that because of needing the Spear or other things, I'm going to try not to be too upset about it.

All stuff to figure out, anywayz.

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