Friday, August 29, 2008

Clever Traps is gone in WoTLK

I'm trying to understand why, but Blizzard have apparently removed Clever Traps from Survival in the current Wrath of the Lich King beta tree.

This essentially destroys Survival as a levelling tree, more or less entirely. It's been replaced with a 15% chance for a 2 second stun. They've also given us inane things like Lock and Load. The DPS bots are predictably drooling over this talent, but to me all it really means is becoming a threat magnet.

Lock and Load, and Explosive Shot, in addition to the removal of Clever Traps, have more or less completely destroyed Survival's existing mechanics for anything other than end-game use. The old tree, the defensive tree, has had its' guts ripped out.

You've made a lot of bad changes to this game, Blizzard; and the rest I've been able to tolerate. Even the Charge nerf, eventually. This, however, cuts to the bone.

I'm literally stunned. :(

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