Friday, October 17, 2008

Another 24 hour forum ban

Given the encouragement from Awlbiste in response to my last post, I decided to offer a little more of that darkness she mentioned. ;-)

I just got a 24 hour temp ban from the forums. I got it for starting a thread in support of Ret Paladins, saying that I didn't feel the DS nerf was necessary. I got banned because the specific name of the thread was, "DS isn't unbeatable if you don't f$%^ing suck," and yes, I included the typographic figleaf myself. It wasn't automatically generated. If you're interested, here is the content of that rant.


The single main reason why I've spoken out against the DS nerf in this forum is because apart from anything else, it's unnecessary.

I admit; I don't play the Arena, but in AB over the last few days, my experiences with Paladins with DS has been a fairly even exchange. They killed me a few times, I killed them a few times. It was fairly even, and the reason why is because, contrary to what the trolls and idiots who look purely at my Arena rating will say, I [i]don't[/i] completely suck.

Ret is a melee class. Of the few types of ranged attacks it has, some of them are openers which can't be used more than once in a fight, and the rest are short ranged, which means if I know how to kite worth a crap, I'm fine.

As some people here have said, as Survival, I've got a new hard burst skill now; Explosive Shot. If I put a trap down and a Paladin walks into it, that means I can have 2-3k direct ranged damage done to him, a 1400 point dot, and a 1k or so dot on him before he is in melee range of me, and that's before I've even started kiting.

The point is, a Paladin is only going to kill me with Divine Storm if a) I don't see him coming, and b) I don't see him coming before he is already in melee range. Granted, in spammy scrum fights that can happen, but it doesn't happen more than 50% of the time, tops. Most of the Alliance Rets I was fighting still waited for Warrior or Rogue backup because even with their new toy, they were fairly obviously scared of engaging me one on one. I don't say that as an insult; given how bad Ret has been since release it's entirely understandable that you'd still feel uncertain.

I'd honestly like to know which classes were crying about this that much that got it removed. I'm guessing most of it came from the Priests, Rogues, and Druids. Rogues because as far as they are concerned, no other class in the game is allowed to win fights against them no matter what.

Rogues do not now, have never in the past, and will never in the future have any right whatsoever to call anyone else in this game OP. They are Blizzard's sole, perpetual favourite; they have been since at least the release of TBC, and probably before. The Rogue gets buffed consistently, irrespective of what happens to anyone else.

Dismantle. Shadowstep. Kidney Shot, Cheap Shot, Blind, Crippling Poison, Vanish, and Cloak of Shadows. Yet many Rogues still have trouble beating people a lot of the time, and the one thing they cannot tolerate, more than anything else, is the idea that anyone...ANYONE...might have any kind of legitimate counter against them. As far as they are concerned, the other eight classes are all to be free kills for them, no questions asked.

Some of you might remember the amount of Druid crying that went on about Scare Beast, with us, and how Blizz listened to it. Druids don't focus on how sickeningly OP Resto is, and how the entire rest of the playerbase hates them because of it. No; they're always the pure innocent victims.

And Priests; here's a hint. The reason why you're as squishy as you are is because you're a specialist healer; arguably still the greatest in the game, despite the amount of crying you do to the contrary. Do you expect to be a specialist healer AND have Godlike offense as well?

So in conclusion, the rest of you, get off Ret's case. Ret SHOULD be allowed to keep DS, and if people can't counter it, maybe they're not as good at this game as they think they are.

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