Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm re-editing this post, as it is going to be one of my new series that are permanently linked from the front page. Nearly all of these will have the "basics," tag; think of them as a summary of minimal info where Survival is concerned. The other material in this post can be considered an introduction to those.

I didn't end up writing the Project Lore Hunter class guide, even though Brandon Sato wrote to me as well as Pike and asked that I do so; at the time, Pike was apparently initially asked to do a spec guide specifically for Beast Mastery, whereas I was asked for something much more generalised, which Pike ended up writing.

Although part of the reason at the time was severe, genuine illness, the other reason why I didn't end up finishing it is because I didn't (and still don't) believe that I was even remotely qualified to write a guide for the class in every area, and thus also greatly feared the amount of criticism that I would likely receive for attempting to do so. The beginning of my attempt at that guide is still on my hard drive, and there may come a time when I finish it and release it, however the odds of that occurring are extremely low. If you visit my Armory profile, you will discover that my Arena rating in particular is utterly attrocious, which is a testimony to my utter lack of skill where that area of the game is concerned.

There are four areas of this game where I feel that I am sufficiently qualified to offer instruction; those are levelling, five man instances, battleground PvP, and the soloing of five man instances. There are another two areas, however, where I have virtually no ability whatsoever, and they are the Arena and high end (post-Karazhan) raiding. As far as the Arena is concerned, I highly recommend Bandet as a source of information.

On the raid front, Alumatine has apparently left the game, at least temporarily; I will thus offer what advice I can in that area, (which is largely based on my own, very limited testing of recommendations he made that were current during TBC) but please bear in mind that as noted, raiding is not my primary focus.

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