Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Arathi Basin becoming frustrating

I logged in last night for only the third time in nearly two weeks, and played some Arathi Basin. The Horde didn't win a single game.

Sometimes I wonder why the majority of people in Horde teams in my battlegroup even bother going in there, although to be fair, they did put up a very good effort in at least one game. The Alliance in Bloodlust can be very, very difficult, and AB seems to be the weakest battleground for the Horde at the best of times.

Although as it turns out, we can still do ok every now and then. This was from another match earlier in the last fortnight. Deep Marks is definitely the spec for me until 3.0 though, I think.

The Conqueror title is also still a way off, yet...but I'll get there. Even if I never raid again anywhere, Conq is probably the single main thing I want to accomplish with this character now, so I'm going to hope that the title will still be available in WoTLK.

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