Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gradual reconstruction of the site

Have spent most of the night working on some new posts which will be permanently linked from the front page. These are my own attempt at providing basic info about Survival in a post-3.0 sense, and hopefully answering at least a few of the questions I've been seeing on the forum.

I also need to do a more extensive Scholomance guide, since incoming links to the Lair from Google searches with "solo Scholomance," as the keywords average between one and five a day. It's fairly obvious from that, that soloing Scholo is something quite a lot of you still want information about.

Scholo won't be any challenge at all at 80; it isn't a real challenge now to anyone with above T5. Of course, even at 80, however, there will still be people levelling up, so for them a guide on it could still be worth something.

Anywayz, there will still be lots of changes for the next few days or so, I expect.

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