Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My second 70

Just a moment ago, I was reading a post from Pike about how she'd managed to get her alt Druid to level 60.

Given the second alt which I just started with a friend of mine yesterday, and especially the nature of some of my more recent posts, I've realised that my second (and most likely only other) 70 is going to be a Paladin. Granted, I'm not yet level 10 with the alt yet, but I was commenting to the RL friend that I WoW with just last night, that aside from range and healing, the playstyle of the Paladin is extremely similar to the way I play a Hunter as Survival.

I have another alt Paladin who is level 30, and I've done some low level tanking with him, in the Wailing Caverns, SFK, and Blackfathom Deeps. I also have a pure Prot/Shield Spec Warrior on Jubei'Thos who is around level 32 now, and I've tanked the SM Graveyard with him as well.

I love tanking; I absolutely love it. (Big surprise there for anyone who's read a lot of my writing, eh? ;-)) Of the dedicated tanking classes that I've tried, the Warrior is probably the most difficult and seems to require the most energy, especially for multi-mob stuff. Then again, the first few times I tried it, the Paladin probably had me tripping over my feet more; after I'd played a Warrior for a bit, the Paladin's tanking mechanics seemed very strange.

I also know that I probably should have just rolled a Paladin or Warrior early on, rather than a Hunter; however I think the biggest appeal was (aside from the added versatility of range) the additional challenge of being strongly defensive with Surv. We're actually given a lot more towards it in the tree than most people think, but there is still a bit of a need to be creative after that as well.

I might write about the new alt Paladin a bit here at times. I am going to spec either Prot for instances or farming I think, and Holy for battlegrounds at times. My focus, even with this Hunter, has never really been primarily on DPS, I will admit. Rather than doing damage, the thing I love in this game is the opposite; being a close to totally impenetrable brick wall that nothing else can get past.

With a Paladin, that's a lot easier than it is with a Hunter; but there have been a lot of times with Survival where I've been able to pull it off for just long enough as well. As I've written before, my favourite aspect of this game used to be Warsong Gulch, and that battleground wasn't about damage either. It was about either flagrunning, or holding the line.

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