Sunday, September 9, 2007

Experimenting with a new pet

I just recently tamed a level 65 cat from near Sylvanaar in the Blades Edge Mountains, which I've named Sprowl. He is a lot more fragile than my boar, but does better damage as well, so I'm going to level him and then alternate between the two depending on what I want.

The odd thing is that although I'm 70, Sprowl is apparently still levelling himself. I've looked at his experience, and it seems to be going up. This is good, because I was worried that a pet only levelled if I was still able to gain experience myself.


Hunyann said...

Nope pets level up independently of a character. THeir max level is limited to the players level though. Pets level on some formula based on a combination of happieness/time active/and experience gained. A cat is a good choice for a second pet allowing you to do just as you intended, have a different pet type for different situations.

Sebulon said...

a small tip from one Survival hunter to another -you can find lvl 70 cats in Terokkar. Close to the dailys of Skygard in Skethyl mountains.

Thanks for creating and maintaining a survival blog!
/Sebulon & Luke