Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The long trip up the Kara mountain

I've got 220g saved towards my epic land mount now. Once I've got that, it's immediately on to farming 1k gold for my basic flying mount so that I can go to the Arcatraz and get my last key fragment for Kara.

There are still some pieces I need to do instances for; a few bits of Beast Lord in particular. Steamvault pugs can be iffy; sometimes they're really good, often they're really not. ;-)

My current gear wishlist. (Sorry these aren't linked; but it's nearly 4 am here. You can search for these if you're interested)

+35 Agility for my current weapon, Terokk's Quill. (Sonic Spear would of course be nice if it drops, but I'm not holding my breath, and after the enchant, the +hit is the Spear's only real advantage anywayz)

Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight - (SMV Quest Reward)

Barbaric Legstraps - (Heroic Underbog) - with Clefthide Leg Armor

Bladefist's Breadth - (Mechenar)

Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer - (Engineering - somewhat arduous to get, but I could farm up the mats eventually)

Beast Lord Mantle - (Steamvault)
Beast Lord Handguards - (SH)


Tom said...

Just a thought about weapon. The gyro gun is fun for PvP (stick a +12dmg scope and the +8 or +10 res gem in the socket) but it's just not right for Hunter PvE/Raid. You could probably farm and sell the Gyro-gun mats for a Don Santos, if you want an Epic gun before Kara. If you're OK with waiting for Kara for an Epic gun, the Consortium Blaster is nice and the rep grind isn't too insane, if you plan it right (lots of Mana-Tombs runs tho).

Ashraf said...

Just from one skinner to another, if you need to accelerate how fsat you're getting gold, a great place to go is the edge of shadowmoon valley just north of the aldor compound; cobra scales sell well on most servers, and there are gobs and gobs of fast-spawning air elementals as well (as a bonus, everything you need for a cobrascale armor patch can be gotten here).

Just a thought :)

Mirshalak said...

And good thoughts they are, too!

Thanks, guys. Tom, I had been told that the Don Santos' tended to be considered more a BM weapon, due to the speed; but I will definitely look it up and consider it. To be honest, I'm actually a bit more of a bowman by preference, but the only major upgrade I know of to Valanos' bow-wise (before Kara) is the Thrallmar rep grind reward. I have guns trained, and I was worried I'd grow old and grey running HFC pugs before I got that.

The other thing is that I'll admit my Stamina in particular is in the toilet at the moment, so I was actually thinking that the Stam on that gun and some cobrascale leggings would help fill me out a bit on that score. Still, as I said, I will look at Don Santos', as I'm not really familiar with that weapon.

Ashraf, yes, the air elementals there are fantastic. I had to go to SMV to get some for my Felstalker Breastplate, actually. I'd definitely like to get hold of some cobra scales, because I do want those leggings. I didn't know they were there either, so thank you for the tip.

A bit of a problem with that area is that on my server at least, because it's as good as it is, it's nearly always swarming with other people farming it. I might need to see if I can figure out what the best times server wise are to go there.

Sammy said...

Mir if you ever have the chance to get on in the morning, great farming time on Jubei'thos.

I wont gank you if i see you ;-)

Also bow wise, vals or a mermolta's are imo the way to go, the Gyro is a major waste of money for a hunter. You should get a kara bow/gun in the near future i'm sure =)

Stam also shouldn't be an issue in kara, none of the fights are stam dependant really =)


robgallen said...

My only advice for you would be to farm Attumen repeatedly:
Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation (oh so nice for SV)
Steelhawk Crossbow (ignore the stats, the dps increase is certainly worth it)
Stalker's War Bands
Worgen Claw Necklace

All of these are just lovely for us hunters.