Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"69, Dudes! Woah!"

I'm hoping to finally reach 70 this morning. My wierd, constantly changing sleeping pattern means that I haven't had much contact with my guild in the last couple of days, either...I'm hoping they don't kick me out because of that. ;)

As hopefully part of the gear needed for doing raids though, I also got Valanos' Longbow from the Auction House for 25g yesterday morning. Although I'm not 70 yet of course, this means I'll be able to switch over to it immediately when I am. I did have my eye on a crossbow from Naxxramas which I had thought did over 80 dps, but either I was mistaken, or Blizzard have nerfed it in a recent patch. It's probably a good thing, since I doubt I'd ever be able to find a group for Naxx anyway, certainly on my server.

It will be good to be back with a bow as my primary weapon. I started using guns with Galgann's Fireblaster at level 40 or so, but then went back to bows for a bit before getting the High Warlord's Street Sweeper at 60, which is a superb weapon for the level. I prefer the quietness of a bow however, and although it isn't a problem with my character, I know that with some the firing animation for a gun can be a bit more lengthy/convoluted as well, which can actually be a problem while kiting.

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